Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Favorite Beer

My favorite beer is Summit Extra Pale Ale. It has an amber color and gives a slight bite with the first sip. If I'm going to have one beer, it's definitely a Summit.

Unlike a light beer, I can't drink more than three or four Summits in one sitting. That's alright though. As I get older, my body tells me that drinking more than a few beers is bad. And being I have to get up with my son every morning around 6AM, I tend to listen to myself.

If you could have one beer, what would it be?


bosshart said...

I'm not sure I can choose just one but I recently purchased "Ellie's Brown Ale" from Avery Brewing in Colorado (http://www.averybrewing.com/BigBeers/docs/ellies). I bought it because it has a picture of a chocolate lab and I have a couple chocolate labs, one of which, named Theo, I dearly love. If I remember correctly Mac, I believe you are a chocolate lab fan. If you have ever seen a chocolate lab and said to yourself, "wow, that chocolate lab is so noble, handsome, and velvety that I would like to eat him", well, drinking this beer is the closest you will ever come to fullfilling this dream.

Scooter said...

Summit EPA is my favorite beer for casual drinking. It helps that it's local - I like to buy my beer from people who make it in my (general) community. However, I just got done sending an email to one of the architects in your area who's going to Chicago who was trying to remember some beer I brought him last year. Namely, the Sam Adams Longshot six pack (officially three different beers that change yearly based on a homebrew competition, so it probably doesn't count). I added that he should find Dogfish 60, 90 and 120 in Chicago as well. Delicious, but not available here.

erik said...

There are other beers beside Summit EPA? Sounds like we need to go drinking some evening. If you haven't tried the Surly Furious (also local), I'd recommend it. A relative newcomer to the local beer scene, but I find it a nice departure from my usual EPA every once in awhile.

Mac Noland said...

Thanks for all the great feedback. I'm excited to try all your suggestions.

Bosshart, yes I do love Chocolate Labs. While I'll probably never have one (my wife it not into animals and she runs the house), I'd definitely go for a Chocolate over a black or yellow. I'll have to give Ellie's Brown Ale a try. I was just out in Colorado a few weeks ago, so I wish I would have posted this before that trip. Then again, I went to see a guy who is not drinking due to legal issues so I would have had to sneak off by myself to try it.

Scooter, I'm glad to see we both enjoy a good EPA. There is this small place by my house called Rascals where it's served a bit colder than most other places. I've commented a number of times on how I come there just for the lower temperatured libation. And good burger I guess. As for the Sam Adams Longshot Six, I'll have to check that out. I'm not a big Sam fan, but always willing to try something.

Erik, good to hear from you! Surly Furious? Never heard of it, but next time I'm at my local store (most likely Saturday in preparation for a card came), I'll have to look it up. Have you had Lake Superior Ale? Another favorite of mine. Though I'm a bit partial given I received one of my educations (undergrad at UMD) in the area.