Thursday, February 28, 2008

New is not always fun

So this new group I'm part of is, well, new. Some people think new groups are exciting and boil with opportunity. I take a contrarian view in that I think new groups are basically chaos. And I don't particularly care for chaos.

With past experience though things get better in time. From what a "management development" class told me, it takes about a year for groups to start working well together. Early on everyone is trying to figure out their role and what is not their role. And if they think something isn't their role, they try to delegate it to a person they think should have that role. That's partially the reason I'm Mr. Environment now as I try to get the topologies laid out.

So while things are basically chaos right now, I expect them to improve as the months continue. But in the mean time, I plan on scowling at the chaos.


Scooter said...

How does that 1 year pan out if there's a fairly substantial influx of new blood almost quarterly?

Mac Noland said...

It's a constant exercise of evaluation. And when the blood starts to sicken you, you leave.

To be honest, I expect new blood on this project for the next two to three years. Hopefully none falls on me!

Scooter said...

By the way - I pilfered one of the extra AFE clip/picture holders off your desk and gave it to my daughter. I believe she got more enjoyment out of it in her first 5 minutes of ownership than you did in the entire time it was on your desk.