Friday, December 21, 2007

Ready for Christmas?

While walking in from lunch today, a co-work of mine asked me if I was ready for Christmas. No, no I'm not.

I still have a number of Christmas letters to mail. My wife got a majority of them out, but the ones I was responsible for are still in my pocket. This isn't even the worst of it though. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping.

Seasonal gift giving is something I'm not good at. Why? Because I typically buy the first thing I see thinking it's perfect. This is how you end up with a strap-on massage chair in your basement. Ten speeds and heat, my wife will love it! She hates it.

This year's ambivalence to shop is bread from years of failure. But I vow to change. Tomorrow moorning when I dash out into the snow, I'm going to give it my best. No massage chairs. No gift certificates to Hooters. And if I end up with another flop, I'll blog again next year saying how I dread Christmas shopping.

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