Monday, December 17, 2007

Pitt's resume

Like it or not, I'm a fan of Joe Soucheray. I listen to his radio program on the way home from work. Mostly because I like to listen to him and Patrick Reusse chat sports, but I also find some of his other content enjoyable.

Joe also writes a bi-weekly column in the Pioneer Press. Our ideologies are similar though they do differ when it comes to the environment. I'll save that for a future conversation though.

Anyway, I found his Sunday column great. He lists out Sonia Pitt's resume. If you remember, Sonia Pitt was MDOT's director of homeland security who decided to stay on the East cost when the 35W bridge collapsed. To be honest, being a manager of sorts, she probably could not add much value to the rescue efforts. But if I was the head of homeland security, I'd probably dash home if a major incident happened in my jurisdiction.

I'm not sure Joe copied this verbatim from her resume, but if he did, this is an embarrassment for Pitt. Pitt writes that she "serve(s) on-site at the state emergency operations center coordinating information on emergency response tactics with public safety coordinator." She says what?

Here is a person that says "on-site" on her resume then stays "off-site" when a major incident happens. Now we all fluff our resume a bit, but this is egregious. It's almost like me saying that "I invented the Internet" on my resume. Though everyone would know that Al Gore did that.

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