Monday, December 31, 2007

Micro Nuclear

Scott Adams wrote about green energy options a few days ago. I found his reference to Toshiba's new home worthy nuclear reactor interesting. The Micro Nuclear.

Now I'm all for renewable fuels. But would you feel comfortable living above a small nuclear reactor? For some reason "meltdown" always runs through my mind when thinking of nuclear technology.

Or let me ask you this; would you feel comfortable with your neighbor having a nuclear reactor in their basement? Again, meltdown has meaning to me here.

They state the whole solution is self-sustaining. I understand this as, you don't need to drop spent nuclear rods off at the end of your driveway for Waste Management to pick up. Nice feature I might add.

I'm sure the solution is safe. But I'm glad Japan is trying it out first. I'd hate to be the first person to find out that the system has a small issue with occasional leaks that will be fixed in the 2.0 product release.

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