Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friedman: On Book Leave

Thomas Friedman is on book leave until April. If you've read his column lately you'll notice he is on an environment and renewable energy kick. Guess what his next book is about?

Though a bit bias, being from Minnesota and all, I really enjoy Friedman. I think he gives a cerebral opinion on important subjects. He continues to challenge the President about tackling a major environmental project before leaving office. I'd agree with Friedman that the President could leave a better taste in our mouths if he simply started a "feel good" initiative like tackling environmental issues.

A few of my contemporaries have criticized Friedman for covering the same issues over and over. Or even saying the same things over and over. I've noticed that as well, but it does not bother me. I think Friedman is the type of person who thinks through his writing. I'm that type of person too. And my writing has a tendency to get repetitive as I think subject matters through and write about them.

Anyway, look forward to Friedman's column coming back in April. In the mean time I'd suggest checking out Paul Krugman and his blog. Even as a conservative, I find Krugman to be well spoken and able to present issues intelligently.

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