Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Food Day

Today was food day. You know, the day where everyone brings a dish to share. I actually don't bring a dish due to a bad experience.

A few years ago I brought beans. Not just plain beans, but a bean casserole of sorts. The type your mother-in-law makes for special occasions. Now to be honest it was store bought. We picked it up at the Cub Foods deli the night before. But it was good. I know, I tried it before hand.

That food day started off on a bad note. First of all, the beans spilled in the back of my car on the way in. Just a bit, if I remember right. Nothing a sock can't clean up. Since the dish was not compromised, I decided to bring it in anyways.

All morning it sat cooking - or more like warming up - in my cube. The entire area had a nice aroma of beans. Once the friendly admin called for "hot dishes" to be served, I unplugged my cooker and with pride, pranced the bean dish over to the lineup. I found a perfect spot, right in-between the sloppy Joe's and potato salad. A perfect addition.

And there it sat. Person after person walked buy the bean dish, showing interest similar to fathers watching a dance recital. Fake smiles and all.

Around 3pm, the obligatory call for pick-up came. I knew it would be bad, but didn't expect the egregious situation I came upon. The spoon my wife had tossed in my paper bag was undisturbed. The slow cooker's top didn't even look cracked. Not one person had taken a sample. Not even a test.

So there you have it. I now sign up for napkins and forks. And if they are taken - which they were for today's food day - I take pickles and olives. I've got leftovers in my car as we speak.


Scooter said...
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Scooter said...

In the land of donuts and cupcakes, what made you think that developers would want to eat something green?

The potluck for our area is next week - I signed up for a breakfast dish because I'd never done one. I've been testing them out in crockpots over the weekend and forcing my wife and child to eat more eggs than they usually eat in two months. There's greenery in the recipe I've decided on, but it's concealed. You won't know you're eating it until you're eating it.

Mac Noland said...

To be honest, something green was not my idea. Pickles and Olives was a pre-approved choice by the admin. I simply signed my name.

I'll be interested to hear about your breakfast offering. I'm thinking you'll have more luck than I did with my "bean dish". But rest assured, if you don't have much luck, there are people like me who know how you feel.