Saturday, November 03, 2007

When beer isn't worth it anymore

My wife and I liked to go out for dinner once a week before kids. Nothing fancy, just casual dinning. We stayed away from the places like Perkins that didn't offer a before dinner drink, as both of us liked to enjoy a quick happy hour before eating. This has all changed.

Last night we drove around town to find most of our favorite dinning spots busy. 30 minute wait was the average. With a three month old - or at least our three month old - that is too long. We ended up having pizza at Davanni's in Burnsville. Very good I might add.

While you can order beer there, I opted for a coke. This got me thinking, is having a beer really worth it anymore? I argue no. Here are my reasons.

Before kids, I could sleep the entire night and get up refreshed. Now I'm up at 2AM and 5AM, with an occasional in between soothing. Getting up is hard enough, but throw in a cocktail or two and it makes your night (early morning) miserable. I've come to the conclusion, that until this little monster starts sleeping through the night, a beer before dinner is not worth it. The nighttime feedings are hard enough without a slight buzz/hangover.

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