Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2008 Numbers are in. And I don't like them.

The price we pay for benefits in 2008 are staying about the same as 2007. I'm happy right? Wrong.

While the price per month is about the same (actually a bit cheaper) the coverage is NOT the same. The major difference this year is the coinsurance. Last year it was 100% employer paid, this year the best option is 90%. So what right?

This past year my wife and I had a baby. In late 2006 we "kind" of knew that one was coming so we upped our insurance to the best coverage possible. We ended up paying $500 out of pocket for the little rat.

We're going to have at least one more child. If that happens in 2008 (which probability says it won't), it will cost of $3000 out of pocket. That's a lot of money!

Now all those articles about the rising cost of health insurance make sense. Off to Canada I guess.

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Scooter said...

I noticed a similar issue with prescriptions. Rather than $10/$30/$60, it's now something like $10/30%/60%. We really had to evaluate our prescriptions carefully to avoid an extra $25 a pay period, and I'm sure it'll bite me later when something isn't on the formulary (I hate the "but it will be....soon" thing the insurance company seems to do).