Monday, September 24, 2007

Why do we blog?

Last week a colleague of mine sent me links to a number of other colleague’s blogs. They were fun to read as they give you a different perspective on the stuffy (i.e. focused on work) person you know at work. This got me thinking, why do we blog?

I blog to mainly increase my writing skills and to gather my thoughts and put them down on paper (alright electronic paper if you will). For some reason my brain mixes things around and around. I find writing them down helps me organize my thoughts so I can make sense of them.

For example, my October My Curious Mind posting is going to be on how much hospital costs are when having a baby. This is something I should know as we just had a baby and just got the bills. Without writing it down, the three or four statements they sent me mean nothing. But when I have to make sense of something and organize it for others to read, then as a side affect, I become enlightened. The very thoughts that were running around in my head, but making no sense, all of a sudden start to mean something.

Anyway, I blog to increase my writing skills and to make sense of my thoughts. Both are a work in process so continue to look for future postings.


Scooter said...

I originally started blogging because I like to write and thought it might be nice to have some sort of record out there my daughter could read when she's older that talks about the many things her father did and thought when she was a kid. I have vague memories of many of the things I did when I was really young, and not a lot of information about what my parents did when they were younger - blogging has actually pulled a few incidents to the top of my brain, like gleaning for potatoes in fields and using a cupboard as a playhouse.

Since I started, the purpose evolved a little - it's like the postcard I only have to send once for all the grandparents and siblings, and my nieces and nephews and cousins use it to see what my daughter is doing. I use it to test out a little bit of writing, meet new people (I've gamed with a blogger, and bump into some of them now and then because I follow some local blogs), publish information I can't find on the net, and talk about books and movies I like in which I think friends might be interested.

And sometimes, it's just for being silly and stupid when there's no one around to be stupid for otherwise. It's truly multipurpose.

Mac Noland said...

Very good points. I'd have to admit, my reasons can be similar to yours as well!