Saturday, August 18, 2007

“The Best American Travel Writing” series

Consider this my endorsement for “The Best American Travel Writing” series edited by Jason Wilson. I first picked up a copy of the 2000 edition simply because Bill Bryson was the guest editor. I’ve made a vow to attempt reading all of Bill’s work – though I didn’t make it through either of his books on English. While Bill only wrote a short introduction, he did a fine job picking out travel articles that impose the reader at the nexus of the story.

Just the other day while escaping the cacophony of my newborn’s cry, I picked up the 2006 edition which is edited by Tim Cahill. While I’ve never read any of Tim’s work – which is something I plan on changing soon – I find his guest editing just as professional and well done as Bill’s 2000 effort. I’m only three stories deep, but so far I’ve found Paul Bennett’s “How to sail across the Atlantic” fascinating. Coming from a sailing family – though not a sailor myself – I can relate to his suggestions. The section on plumbing is some of the finest humor writing I’ve found. I’ll look forward to the 2007 collection.

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