Friday, August 12, 2005


I’d surmise the term "Outsourcing" makes 99.9% of software engineers very nervous these days. Be not afraid though, for outsourcing of jobs is a good thing for the Minnesota software engineering community. Software engineers are better known as "problem solvers" who happen to use software as a tool to solve the most complex problems known to man.

While typing the syntax "public static void main {String [] args}.." maybe easy to outsource, solving complex problems is extremely difficult because it takes the best educated, best trained, best engineers in the world to solve them. Guess what, as of right now those engineers are us in the United States. To ensure we continue to be the best educated, best trained, best engineers in the future, we can’t be spending time maintaining solutions after the problem is solved. We need to outsource that maintenance so we can free labor as to work on tomorrow’s problem.



Anonymous said...

That is an awesome letter! Too bad they did not publish it.

Completely agree!


Brock Noland said...

Also, I have a feeling I know why your letter did not get published. (We all know I have written my fair share of letters to the editor...)

Your letter is too specific to software engineering. You might try and generalize it and then use SEing as an example.

Other you could submit it in to Business 2.0!

Mac Noland said...

That is true! I could just say engineers or something a litt more generic.

FYI: I'm 0 for 2 on letters to the editor.

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